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NetBridge builds web-based e-commerce services to support premium content sales, primarily financial, company, and industry data. In addition to site design and ongoing operational support, NetBridge provides a platform for customization of reports and pricing to address the needs of various markets – both the Small Business Market and Corporate Enterprise.

NetBridge solutions are used by key business credit publishers to add new functionality and market reach for their current product lines, as well as to combine data from multiple sources to create unique composite products. NetBridge brings a total solutions approach to developing products so that new markets can be tested without interfering with in-house IT resources.

NetBridge provides:

  • Single and Multi-data sourced solutions
  • Web based E-Commerce systems with fraud detection, Helpdesk and 24 hour reliability
  • Mobile E-Commerce solutions
  • Expanding business reach through new channels and custom products
  • Integration of Web applications with legacy systems
  • Systems reliability monitoring and alerting
  • Credit card processing, IP tracking, Fraud detection, Secure transactions
  • Quality assurance testing
  • ASP.NET, CGI Website, Mobile and Desktop software development
  • SQL database development from small to very large data sets
  • Commercial website development and hosting
  • XML messaging
  • SOAP powered Web Services
  • Process review and improvement
  • Customer surveys
  • Trends analysis
  • Fully and semi-automated Helpdesks
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